TEHRAN – Referring to the entrance of two Russian transit trains to Iran, the head of Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (known as RAI) said that five more trains have been loaded from Russia and are on their way to Iran.


On October 1, Miad Salehi had announced that the second Russian transit cargo for India has entered Iran from the northeastern Sarakhs border and was heading towards Bandar Abbas in the south.

According to the RAI head, carrying 37 containers the freight train had passed the route of Russia-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan into Iran and would pass another 1,600 kilometers across the International North South Transit Corridor (INSTC) inside the country to arrive at Bandar Abbas Port where the cargo will be shipped to India.

Russia’s first freight transit train arrived in Iran in mid-July.

The rail transit cargo from Russia to India entered Iran on July 12 through the Sarakhs border crossing, to officially launch the eastern section of the North-South railway corridor.

The Russian train was allowed into the Iranian border in a ceremony attended by First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber along with transport, oil, industry, and agriculture ministers as well as the vice president for science and technology.

Speaking at that ceremony, Mokhber stressed the Iranian government’s determination for expanding trade with neighboring countries, especially in the transit sector, saying: “The transit capacity of the country has increased to 20 million tons and by planning and taking appropriate measures, transiting 300 million tons of commodities per year can be reached.”

The North-South Corridor consists of three route sections, namely East, West, and Middle.

Iran and Russia are also cooperating in the maritime sector to use the Caspian Sea to shorten the transit route from Russia to India.