TEHRAN – Head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) Alireza Peyman-Pak has said Tehran is ready to host the 10th Iran-Thailand Joint Economic Committee meeting and the TPO is waiting for the Thai side to set the date, the TPO portal reported on Monday.


Speaking at a meeting with Worawoot Pongprapapant, Thailand’s ambassador to Tehran, Peyman-Pak said: “The [joint economic committee] meeting can resolve many economic issues between the two countries and contribute to the development of trade relations between the two sides.”

The official noted that the exchange of business delegations and forming a working group to follow up on issues related to the development of trade between the two countries should also be put on the agenda.

The official suggested that the Thai side takes the necessary measures for the participation of capable Iranian companies in Thailand’s international exhibitions, as well.

“During such exhibitions, specialized working groups will be held between the companies and businessmen present at the event and it will help the interaction and communication of the delegations and economic companies of the two countries,” he said.

Regarding the banking and logistics issues between the two countries, he stated: “Benefiting from methods [of trade] that are not affected by sanctions, Iran has been able to develop positive economic ties with its partners. Using such methods, we have made good communication and trade exchanges with our neighbors and some European countries.”

Pointing out that one of the suitable paths for facilitating financial exchanges is the connection of Export Guarantee Fund of Iran (EGFI) with corresponding funds and insurances in target countries, Peyman-Pak added: “Considering that the mentioned fund is not sanctioned, under cooperation agreements with insurances and corresponding funds in other countries, it can ensure trade exchanges between Iranian businessmen and companies and their counterparts in target markets to reduces investment risk.”

Peyman-Pak also expressed Iran’s readiness for developing preferential trade with other countries and said: “To this end, a delegation from Iran is going to visit Indonesia in the near future. Certainly, if the same approach is followed by Thailand, economic cooperation between the two countries can also be carried out based on this business model.”