TEHRAN - The board of representatives of the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) held their sixth meeting in the new tenure on Saturday during which the country’s major economic issues were discussed.


As reported by the ICCIMA portal, in the meeting, which was chaired by ICCIMA's Head Hossein Selahvarzi, four board members delivered speeches and touched upon some of the important economic issues in recent months.

Speaking at the gathering, Selahvarzi pointed to the ICCIMA 140th establishment anniversary and said: “We know that the private sector has gone through many challenges and different governments. The voice of the private sector is a compassionate and powerful voice.”

In another part of his speech, Selahvarzi mentioned some of the economic issues of the country, saying: “In the previous board meeting, we discussed the budget bill for the next [Iranian calendar] year 1403.”

“The unpredictability of the economy, the constant changing in prices, and difficult access to working capital and raw materials are serious challenges of Iran's economy that must be thought about”, he stated.