TEHRAN – The Iran-Brazil Friendship Group was formed in the new Brazilian parliament with the membership of leading and well-known representatives from important Brazilian parties, ISNA reported.

The formation of the new parliamentary group comes after Brazil’s general elections last year and the beginning of the new term of the House of Representatives. The parliamentary friendship group of the two countries was activated with a new combination of representatives.  And its board of directors is comprised of diverse political tendencies and from different regions of the country.

The new group also held an opening meeting with the presence of Iranian Ambassador to Brazil Hossein Qaribi, who thanked the president and previous members of the group for their actions and pointed out the importance and position of the parliaments of the two countries in the relations, especially in the last three years.

He expressed hope that on the 120th anniversary of relations, the parliaments of Brazil and Iran and the friendship groups of the two sides can help to improve relations more than ever.

The Iran-Brazil friendship group is headed by Joaquim Passarinho. 

Highlighting the common interests and friendship of the two nations, Passarinho emphasized the readiness of the group and the parliament to help further expand and deepen relations.

The relations between Iran and Brazil have always been friendly and Iran has the highest volume of trade with Brazil in the Americas.

When the capital of Brazil was moved from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia, Iran was the first country to move its embassy to the new capital in 1960.

Brazilian Ambassador to Iran Laudemar Gonsalves de Aguiar Neto said earlier this year that Tehran and Brasília need to enhance their bilateral trade relations, IRIB reported.

The ambassador addressed reporters on the second day of his trip to Abadan, Khuzestan Province, in southwestern Iran where he said that the Brazilian government is seeking to increase the level of trade with Iran.

Referring to the economic plans for bolstering mutual economic ties, Aguiar said that business people of the two countries would communicate with each other in accordance with an economic schedule.

Holding the Brazilian trade desk in the Abadan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture is one of the missions of the Iran-Brazil Joint Chamber of Commerce and certainly will yield positive results, he noted.

"It has been decided that a memorandum of understanding will be prepared by the officials of Abadan city and we are also interested in cooperating with them in the fields that the Iranian side expects," the diplomat said.