TEHRAN, May 02 (MNA) – Iran recorded a total of $6.73 billion in trade in the first month of 1402, Farvardin, in the Iranian calendar (March 21-April 21, 2023 ), customs statistics showed.

The Iranian customs administration's statistics for Farvardin said that 10,471,000 tons of goods worth $3.645 million were exported to other countries, indicating a 12.93% decrease in value and a 17.76% increase in weight.

The report indicated that in first month of 1402, 1,829,000 tons of goods worth $3.87 million were imported into the country, showing a 13% and 24.79% decrease in value and weight, respectively.

The figures suggested that China, Iraq, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and India were the five major export destinations for Iranian commodities, while UAE, China, Turkey, Germany and India were the biggest exporters to Iran, respectively.

Liquefied natural gas worth $523 million, liquefied propane worth $302 million, liquefied butane worth $169 million, ingots of iron and unalloyed steel worth $167 million and methanol valued $167 million were the five commodities that were exported from Iran.

Corn for animal food worth $223 million, soybeans worth $152 million, rice worth $89 milliom, smart mobile phones worth $71 million and auto parts for the auto industry valued at worth $62 million, were at the top of the list of the imported goods into Iran.