The Iranian customs office (IRICA) has posted a trade surplus of $558 million for the country in the calendar month to April 20.


IRICA figures published on Monday showed that Iran had exported $3.645 billion worth of goods and commodities in the month to late April, down 12.93% compared to same period in 2022.

That comes as imports into Iran reached $3.087 billion in the same calendar month, down by 13% year on year, showed the figures.

The customs data showed that Iranian overseas shipments had risen by 17.76% in volume terms year on year in April to reach 10.471 million mt.

Main exports from Iran over the calendar month to late April included liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with $523 million worth of sales, followed by liquefied propane at $302 million and liquefied butane at $169 million, said IRICA, adding that Iran had exported $169 million worth of steel and iron products and some $167 million of methanol over the same period.

China was the largest buyer of Iranian export shipment in April with some $1.14 billion worth of purchases, followed by Iraq at $609 million, Turkey at $550 million, United Arab Emirates at $320 million and India at $120 million, showed IRICA figures.