TEHRAN- The government and private sector dialogue council of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA) in its 92nd meeting discussed the ways to materialize the slogan of the current Iranian calendar year (started on March 21), which is “Inflation Control, Production Growth”.


Referring to the slogan of the year, the governor-general of Tehran province said that its realization depends on the efforts and determination of entrepreneurs and business owners from the private sector.

Stating that the government's foreign diplomacy during the past year has resulted in significant achievements for the country in the domestic and international arena, and during this year, its results will be revealed, Alireza Fakhari emphasized the creation of an economic information exchange center with the chamber of commerce as its axis this year.

TCCIMA Head Masoud Khansari for his part explained the economic situation of the country and said: “It seems that a difficult year is ahead from the economic point of view, because problems from previous years have been accumulated and transferred to the new year; Several problems in various infrastructure areas such as lack of water and electricity with economic problems such as government debt, bank balance deficit, etc. have been transferred to the current year without being resolved.”