TEHRAN – Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA)’s committee for “improving the business environment and removing production barriers” held its 32nd meeting to discuss and investigate the requirements to fulfill the motto of the current Iranian calendar year 1402 (started on Match 21), which is "Inflation Control and Production Growth".


At the beginning of this meeting, the chairman of the mentioned committee pointed out that a smart slogan was chosen for this year and said: “We must try to make this slogan come true by solving existing problems and preventing new problems for economic enterprises.

Mohammad-Reza Najafimanesh referred to the plans approved in the past years for the jump in production, and added: “About two years ago, this committee investigated and identified the most important problems of businesses and published them in the form of a booklet that can be used even now. We hope that with the formation of the new board of the Tehran Chamber in the coming weeks, a permanent project will be defined to try to realize the slogan of the year in this chamber.”

Mohammad Esabati, the expert of this commission, for his part, while pointing out the importance of following up on the Leader’s statements, referred to a selection of his words regarding economic issues such as using the people's ability in the economy, the efforts and coordination of officials and making serious and operational decisions, the use of knowledge and the movement of elites, using all possible economic possibilities, not weakening domestic production with imports, and directing liquidity towards production.

In the continuation of this meeting, other members and guests expressed their views and opinions about the requirements for curbing inflation and production growth.