TEHRAN, Feb. 26 (MNA) – Figures by the Iranian customs administration (IRICA) show that non-oil exports from the country rose by 12.22% year on year in the 11 calendar months to February 19.

IRICA said in a statement on Sunday that exports from Iran reached a total of $48.8 billion between March 2022 and February this year.

The statement said that export shipments had dropped by 1.16% in volume terms against the 11 months to late February 2022 to 111.3 million metric tons (mt).

The figures do not cover Iran’s exports of crude oil, mazut and kerosene as well as goods and products carried by passengers, PressTVreported.

Petrochemicals accounted for $21.7 billion or 44.49% of all Iranian exports between March last year and February this year, said IRICA, adding that Iran had exported some $6.8 billion worth liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) over the same period.

China was the largest customer of Iranian exports in the 11 months to late February with some $13.6 billion worth of purchases, followed by Iraq at $9.4 billion and Turkey at $6.9 billion, said the customs authority.

On imports into Iran, IRICA said that the country had taken delivery of 33.6 million mt of goods worth $53.7 billion between March last year and February this year, adding that the figure was an increase of 15.28% in value terms compared with the same previous period.