TEHRAN – The Industry and Mining Committee of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA), in its 28th meeting on Wednesday, discussed issues related to the social responsibility of the mining companies active in the country.

In this meeting, which was attended by Deputy Industry, Mining, and Trade Minister for Mining Affairs Reza Mohtashami-Pour, the attendees emphasized the need for mining companies to fulfill their duties towards the local community and adhere to their social responsibilities, the TCCIMA portal reported.

Speaking at the gathering, Deputy Head of the TCCIMA Industry and Mining Committee Sajad Ghoroqi pointed out some positive and negative impacts of mining activities in any region and said: “Creation of employment, development of the region, increase in gross domestic product, generation of income for governments and development of infrastructure are among the positive points of mining activity in a region, and on the other hand, loss of pastures, pollution of surface and underground waters, disruption of the landscape, change in the direction of waterways and soil pollution are among the negative consequences of mining.”