TEHRAN - Mohammad Qasemi, head of the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA)’s Research Center, has called on the government to reform the country’s old economic policies and take a new approach toward international trade.


Speaking in a conference dubbed “Economic Policy Making in Iran Based on Global Models”, held by ICCIMA on Tuesday, Qasemi said:” With the continuation of the current traditional views, we cannot achieve a suitable position in the global supply chains and create value.”

According to the official, in most political and economic theories, the success of international trade is one of the main factors that depends on the political, economic, and even military dimensions of countries, the ICCIMA portal reported.

“Subjects like what commodities can be exchanged and what goods can be produced in a country, where is the path of value creation in the production chain and where can the country be positioned to benefit the most from the international trade, have been the subject of various economic modeling after the Second World War; A point that has been paid less attention in Iran and a kind of traditional approach has been adopted to this issue,” he explained.

Qasemi emphasized that the current problems in Iran and the issues related to regional development have created the necessity of changing the country’s economic strategies.

“Iran’s approach towards regional development in the previous ways is not effective anymore. We should be able to define our regional development in terms of the international system. In the framework of what we are going to do in the international economic system, we must design a model of regional development linked to the international economic system,” the official stressed.