Kazakhstan may appoint trade advisers to Iran, as well as the UAE, China, Turkey and India, said Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov on Jan. 11 as he chaired the meeting of the Trade and Integration Ministry to discuss the work ahead in 2023 and outline plans, reported the Kazakh premier’s press service.


Smailov added that the additional export potential to the five countries mentioned above exceeds $4 billion, The Astana Times reported.

The participants addressed the advancement of domestic and foreign trade, industrial cooperation and logistics, digitalization, promotion of exports and the creation of the National Commodity Distribution System. According to Smailov, the latter would improve the pricing analysis efficiency and the balance of goods in the country.

“Kazakhstan should maintain a positive trend of foreign trade turnover and domestic trade, ensuring price stability for socially significant food products,” he said, proposing the expansion of trading venues, introducing modern formats and constructing functional vegetable stores.

“The country needs to raise standards in this area which, in turn, will positively affect price containment and increase the income of conscientious entrepreneurs,” he added.

Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture is scheduled to send a trade delegation to Astana, Kazakhstan, from Jan. 25-28 with the aim of developing Iran’s cooperation with the neighboring country.

The visit will coincide with the meeting of Iran-Kazakhstan Economic Commission in Kazakhstan’s capital.

The members of the delegation will represent a wide range of fields, including transportation (shipping, rail, transit), technical engineering services, agricultural outsourcing, agrifood products, grain and livestock feed, chemicals, plastic, industrial machinery, construction materials, mining, medicine and medical equipment, and technology and knowledge-based companies, the news portal of ICCIMA reported.