TEHRAN - Iranian Energy Minister Ali-Akbar Mehrabian has said that the project for synchronization of the country’s electricity networks with Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan is underway, Tasnim news agency reported.


Mehrabian made the remarks in the opening ceremony of the 22nd Iran International Electricity Exhibition on Sunday.

The preliminary synchronization of power grids between Russia and Iran has been completed, he said, adding that technical measures for joint synchronization of power grids of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran are also being carried out.

“The synchronization and the connection of electricity networks will help stabilize the power network in Iran,” the official said.

The Islamic Republic is busy developing technical sectors of the project, the minister added.

Mehrabian also said that the mentioned countries are also discussing the barter of electricity.

“When we require electricity, we can import it from Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkmenistan,” he said, adding that at times when we have a surplus, we can export power to other countries, of course, we will continue to implement the previous years’ contracts.

As to the power consumption and network in Iran, he said that the power industry in the country experiences a good situation in terms of unbalances and economic growth.

Referring to the achievements in this industry, he went on to say that domestic achievements in the electricity industry have been unique, which have been achieved for the first time in the Islamic country.

The power industry in Iran had been 100 percent dependent on foreign resources, but it has developed drastically, he noted, saying that some 95 percent of the parts, equipment, and facilities in this industry are being made and prepared inside the country.

As one of the major players in West Asia’s energy market, Iran is now emerging as a major electricity hub in the region as the country is following a comprehensive plan for synchronizing its power grid with the neighboring countries.

Iraq was the first neighbor whose national electricity network was synchronized with the Islamic Republic’s power grid back in November 2019, and now the Energy Ministry is following a plan to connect the electricity networks of Russia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan with the Iranian grid.

Earlier in September 2021, former Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian announced that a research project for the synchronization of the electricity networks of Iran, Azerbaijan, and Russia was underway at the ministry.