TEHRAN - The 26th meeting of the Energy and Environment Committee of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA) was held on Saturday, during which the issues and challenges of the country’s private electricity sector were discussed.


Held at the place of the Iran Electricity Industry Syndicate (IEIS), the event was attended by the members of the mentioned committee and some of the private contractors active in the electricity sector, the TCCIMA portal reported.

During the meeting, the attendees raised some issues and suggested some proposals regarding the country’s Seventh National Development Plan in order to facilitate the activities of private companies working in the electricity sector.

They called on the government to stop interfering with the affairs of private sector contractors and maintain the role of supervisor in energy trade.

Finally, after the discussion and exchange of opinions about the proposed solutions, it was decided that the opinions of the private sector regarding the Seventh National Development Plan would be discussed and reviewed during a meeting with the energy minister and the officials of this ministry.