TEHRAN – Deputy Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) has stressed the need for opening new trade offices in Europe and focusing on non-sanctioned areas for the expansion of trade with the continent, the ICCIMA portal reported.


Speaking in a meeting with heads of joint chambers with European countries, Alireza Yavari expressed regret that some European countries have cut off or limited their relations with Iran even in non-sanctioned areas under the pretext of sanctions, saying: “The active operation of joint chambers in these countries can change these conditions for the benefit of the country and the private sector.”

Yavari emphasized that the current policy of ICCIMA is to establish trade offices instead of trade centers in foreign and European countries.

“For example, the buildings of Bank Melli and Bank Saderat Iran in Paris, which are currently abandoned, can be activated as trade offices. Since trade offices can operate independently and their profits and losses are defined independently of the ICCIMA, they will definitely function better,” he explained.

Referring to his meetings with some ambassadors and business advisers of other countries, the official said: “In these meetings, some important points were raised. Among other things, most joint chambers do not have any foreign members from the country with which they have formed the chamber; in this regard, it was suggested that adopting the strategies of German or Italian joint chambers in attracting members from the opposite country in the board of directors should be put on the agenda of all joint chambers.”

Further in the meeting, Ahmad Pourfallah, the head of the Iran-Italy joint chamber of commerce, referred to some expectations of the joint chambers from ICCIMA and said: "One of our primary demands is that joint chambers not be ignored in foreign relations and the exchanges of business delegations."

Abbas-Ali Qasa'i, the head of the Iran-Germany joint chamber, also pointed out that before the sanctions, about 100 large German companies started considering investment in the country, saying: “the investments of these companies in Iran are still undecided and they are waiting for the green light to return to the country and continue their activities.”