TEHRAN- In a press conference on the issue of economic diplomacy, held at the place of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture (ICCIMA) on Sunday, the ICCIMA deputy head for international affairs mentioned trade as a key to have stable relationships with other countries.


Alireza Yavari lamented that while in the world, politics always tries for economic growth and development, in Iran the economy always pays for politics.

“Economic diplomacy means that even where we do not have strong political relations, we can strengthen political ties through economic relations”, he reiterated.

“An outstanding example in this due is our relation with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), as the high volume of trade between the two countries has led to stable ties despite some political disagreements”, he added.

Yavari further said that while in developed countries the chambers of commerce play a very effective role in the government's decisions, unfortunately, in Iran the chamber of commerce is not paid attention as required.

Even, after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – Iran’s nuclear deal- the ICCIMA head suggested to the government that through establishing trade ties with the countries, with them Iran’s political relation is low, the country can strengthen its political ties with them, he said, stressing that such thing can help Iran have a strong part in the global trade.

Economic diplomacy secretariat set up in ICCIMA

The ICCIMA deputy head further mentioned some of the measures taken or being followed up by the International Affairs Department of the ICCIMA in line with promoting the country’s economic diplomacy.

The establishment of the economic diplomacy secretariat, which has ten task forces to prepare trade strategies with the target countries, is the major measure taken in this due, Yavari said.

A committee tasked with Iran’s cooperation with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), has been also established, given the significance of this organization, he added.

The official further said that clarification of a single strategy in relation to the cooperation with the Persian Gulf countries is also being pursued by his department.

He referred to setting up trade offices, by the private sector, in other countries, even in the world’s important trade hubs such as Frankfurt as a major measure being pursued by the ICCIMA and said, “We try to follow the world’s best practices in this due”.

Yavari further mentioned close and complementary cooperation with Iran’s Trade promotion Organization (TPO) and the economic department of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the other target of his department.

In the end, the official expressed hope that through these measures and the efforts made by the International Affairs Department of the ICCIMA, the chamber will reach its real status.