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Lufthansa in talks with Iran Air

Lufthansa providing catering, maintenance and pilot training services
2017/04/26 , 09:45

Darugar has not shut down, despite accumulated debt

KAF holding denies any rumor regarding its decision to close the company.
2017/04/26 , 09:32

Iran ranks as No.2 oil supplier to South Korea

Iran ranked as South Korea's second-biggest oil exporter over the first three months of 2017
2017/04/26 , 09:29

Iran to receive 3 ATR airplanes

The agreement was signed in Tehran between Parvaresh and the CEO of ATR.
2017/04/26 , 09:14

Iran, Kyrgyzstan stress facilitation of trade coop

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said he talked with Kyrgyz counterpart on facilitating economic cooperation and the possibility of direct flights between the two countries.
2017/04/26 , 08:40