The European Union is fully committed to JCPOA

(Sunday, November 12, 2017) 09:14

On the sidelines of the joint meeting of economic activists from Iran and the European Union, Phil Hogan said that Europe is fully committed to JCPOA, and the process of opening the EU’s office in Tehran is underway.

The Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA) hosted a high-level European Union trade delegation, while there are doubts about the European desire for cooperation with Iran in the face of hostile American action.


At the same time, news of the opening of the European Union office in Tehran was heard that had its own supporters and opponents. However, Phil Hogan, the Commissioner for Agricultural and Rural Development of the European Union, who spoke at the meeting, said: "Iran-EU cooperation will be successful."


Hogan pointed to the presence of 40 companies from 19 European Union member states in the delegation, they wanted European companies to develop economic cooperation with Iran he said.


 "The European Union is fully committed to JCPOA and operates within the framework of it he said in response to the question of what the European Union will stand in the face of possible US sanctions against Iran.

“Various meetings have been held in the Union, and European officials have repeatedly stated that it is a credible and reliable document that Europe fully adheres to. We set our relationships in this framework Hogan sdded.



The EU Commissioner for Agricultural and Rural Development also said about the opening of the union office in Iran


"I am here to develop economic and business relations. The opening of the office is a political issue, and there are other people in charge, such as Mrs. Mogherini. I think this is being pursued but we are a business delegation that we intend to discuss and discuss in the field of agriculture and food industry according to Hogan.