Iran’s largest wind power plant to be built in Abadan

(Saturday, January 7, 2017) 12:17

Germans invest in the Iranian renewable energy sector.

By: Dr. Mahya Karbalaii

The largest wind power plant of Iran, with a capacity of 200 Megawatts, will be built in a cooperation of Khuzestan Power Company and the German company, EAB New Energy GmbH.

The first executive phase of the power plant has begun in Abadan’s Arvand free zone with based on foreign direct investment (FDI). The total value of the investment is approximately 350 million euros which will create 150 job opportunities for university graduates.
The province of Khuzestan has great potential for harvesting wind energy due to wide fields and proximity to the Persian Gulf. The Khuzestan local power company therefore carried out negotiations with the Saxonian company, EAB New Energy GmbH, to build the country’s largest wind power plant.

“The first phase has a capacity of 50 MW which will be based on a land area of 140 hectares. German made wind turbines will be used; each with a capacity of 0.3 to 0.4 MW and a height of 130 meters. The cost estimate of the first phase is 80 million euros”, said Mr Mahmoud Dasht-Bozorg, CEO of the Khuzestan Power Company.

The project is to be carried out over two years and is to use a combination of renewable energy sources with 90 MW from wind, 40 MW from solar and 20 MW from solar-thermal sources. Alongside this power plant, an international center for renewable energies will be established.