Iran, India tow player in economic relation in Asia

(Sunday, October 18, 2020) 14:13

In a meeting in Tehran Chamber, the Secretary General of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce and the Indian Ambassador stressed the need to maintain and develop trade relations despite the pressure of sanctions. Also they spoke of the necessity for more private sector involvement in the development of economic relations between the two countries TCCIMA public relations reported.

At the meeting Gadam Darmandra, Indian Ambassador to Tehran, stressed the need to maintain and develop its economic relations with Iran, despite pressure from US sanctions.

According to he, Iran's geographical and strategic position in the region and its vast energy reserves and its supply as well as the possibility of economic cooperation between the two countries are beyond what has been so far so India is one of the strongest countries in the economic field that can be free of problems of US sanctions.


Mentioning the cooperation between Iran and India in the development of Chabahar port he considered this port as one of the strategic and important economic centers in the near future. The Indian ambassador also stressed the readiness of his country's health sector to work with Iran to combat the coronavirus.


Bahman Esfghi, Tehran chamber of commerce Secretary General underlined on private sector potentials to expand both countries trade ties.


The meeting was just before the webinar was due to be hold between private agricultural sectors in both countries.