TCCIMA hosted Czech delegation

(Wednesday, May 15, 2019) 12:11

In a new struggle to implement INSTEX a delegation from Czech Republic came to Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCCIMA) so have been hold negotiations with Tehran chamber’s officials TCCIMA’s public relations reported.

Headed by Deputy of Czech ministry of Industry and trade the delegation met with some members of Board of Representatives of Tehran chamber of commerce. Also some officials from Czech Republic foreign ministry have been presented at the delegation.


  The Czech Ambassador to Tehran, Stephen Chomba, at the meeting, expressed willingness and readiness of Czech companies to work with Iran, and stated that the trade delegation of the country during several days in Iran, negotiated with Iran's large, small and medium-sized enterprises As well as some government departments.


Yan Cavan, the head of the Iran- Czech join chamber, also pointed out that the Czech delegation to Tehran to expand its economic relations with Iran, noted that in addition to the development of interconnections in the industrial and mineral areas, in the tourism sector there are many opportunities for this cooperation.


Seyed Mohamad Atabak, Deputy of TCCIMA described Iranian economy as a potential for expanding relations so a good destination for investment. Metals and Mineral sectors of Iran according to him has convenient domain to investment he said. Atabak announced the readiness of the Tehran Chamber to identify and introduce companies working with the Czech Republic and to help improve the trade relations between the two countries.


Also, Freyal Mostofi, a member of the TCCIMA’s representatives and head of the Tehran chamber’s Investment Investment Advisory Services Center provided explanations about the non-implementation of INSTEX after several months of signing, and called for the establishment of special committees between the two countries to examine ways to revive the banking interconnection between the two parts.