Iran to Launch Satellite Dousti Soon

(Monday, February 4, 2019) 09:00

Iran is set to launch satellite ‘Dousti’ into space in the coming weeks, the ICT minister told a conference in Tehran on occasion of National Space Technology Day.

“In the coming weeks, Dousti will be put into orbit,” Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said Sunday, his website reported.

Dousti (friendship in Persian) is a locally-made micro-class 52kg satellite that will orbit the Earth at altitudes between 250km and 310km. Jahromi said it has a spatial resolution of 10 meters.

Iran’s bid earlier this month to put into orbit the Payam1 satellite failed when the launching rocket did not reach adequate speed in the third stage.

Payam1 (message in Persian), a micro-class 100kg non-military satellite was to orbit about 500-600 km above the Earth's surface and undertake imagery and telecom tasks.

According to the minister, two other satellites are being developed in Iran. Scientists at Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) are working on a satellite named Zafar, which Jahromi said should be ready for launch by September.

Another satellite is being developed by the Iranian Space Research Center (ISRC) named Nahid 2 for communication use.