National unity and reliance on the private sector Approaches of TCCIMA to pass the sanctions

(Monday, November 5, 2018) 11:36

With official start of US sanctions against Iran, Tehran chamber (TCCIMA) by issuing a statement react to this creasy decision of Donald Trump

“Trump, with a harsh and out-of-court practice, has undermined one of the world's most authoritative treaties and has taken steps to undermine global peace and stability”, it was Declared in the statement.

According to TCCIMA’s statement the re-launch of US sanctions in the international community is seen as a long way to stop the long-term peace-loving countries in creating a global agreement to build a world free of hostility, and the trump's behavior is to move back to the orbit of grudges and reach the days. Where there are no red lines to observe ethics. Obviously, not only Iranian citizens but also the people of the world will not be happy about this approach, and it is clear that even this kind of behavior in the United States has no support other than the president of this country.

Also TCCIMA offered the approaches to pass the sanctions for Iranian government. “At the same time, the government needs a comprehensive and structured approach to seriously address the problems of the Iranian economy, such as improving the business environment, redressing undeclared and bureaucratic obstacles to business, reforming the tax, customs, social security and banking processes, and addressing serious concerns. With economic corruptors , they will create operational and executive solutions to eliminate any kind of rents and corruption in the country's economy. “According the statement.