• Iran chances for foreign finance stand at 50%

    Iran chances for foreign finance stand at 50%

    Following US President Trump’s threats on withdrawing from the nuclear deal, Iran’s chances for attracting foreign finance from major banks stand at 50%, a TCCIMA official told MNA on Saturday.

  • Iran Exports Register Monthly Trade Surplus

    Iran Exports Register Monthly Trade Surplus

    Iran’s non-oil trade balance turned positive in the 30 days to Feb. 19, which marks the end of the Iranian month of Bahman, given the monthly exports of $6.07 billion and imports of $4.85 billion, the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration reported.

  • Trade barriers with Russia to be solved in next 2 months: official

    Trade barriers with Russia to be solved in next 2 months: official

    under the agreements inked between Iran and Russia in recent trip of the Iranian minister of economy to Russia, trade and business problems facing the two countries will be resolved within the next two months


Iran-Slovakia Trade Down 16%
Trade between Iran and Slovakia stood at €24.97 million in 2017, registering close to a 16% decline compared with 2016.
Iran, Pakistan Hold Business Forum to Promote Trade
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif attended a business forum with his Pakistani counterpart, Khawaja Mohammad Asif, on Monday as part of an effort to achieve a five-billion-doll...
Iranian Banks Allowed to Guarantee Investments in Oman
The Central Bank of Iran has allowed lenders to issue guarantees for Iranian businesses planning to invest in Oman or those who seek to take out loans from Omani banks.


Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture

Decreasing Inflation

During two recent years, the inflation rate in Iran has constantly been decreasing and in 2016 it change to one digit rate.

GDP Growth

After some years which the growth rate was negative or tiny, the current year is a hopeful one. As the international economic institutes predicted, the average growth of GDP of Iran will be around 5 percent.

Strategic location

Straddling the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea, Iran connects Central Asia to the open sea and West Asia to the Middle East, offering a unique and valuable location.

Mineral Resources

Iran is the MENA region's leading country in reserves and production of critical base metal including iron ore, zinc, steel, copper and lead.

Energy Security

Iran has close to one fifth of total global proved gas reserves and ranked 4th in proved crude oil reserves in the world.ble energy resources in the world.

Young & Educated

With some 3.7 million students at the various stages of higher education, Iran possesses some of the best educated youth in the developing world.

Business Delegation

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Business Delegation to Visit Albania, Macedonia
An Iranian business delegation led by Chairman of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture Gholamhossein Shafei is scheduled to visit Albania and Macedonia from ...

International Exhibition

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5th Iran Int’l Aluminum Confab Scheduled
Aluminum Research Center of Iran is scheduled to hold the Fifth Iran International Aluminum Conference on April 24.

Advice and regulations

Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA)

Chapter One


Article 1. The terms and expressions used in

FIPPA shall have the following meanings:

FIPPA: The Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act. Foreign Investor: Non-Iranian natural and/or juridical persons or Iranians using capital with foreign origin, who have obtained the Investment License referred to in Article (6). Foreign Capital: Various types of capital, whether in cash and/or non-cash (in kind), imported into the Country by the Foreign Investor, and comprising the following: a) Cash funds in the form of convertible currency, imported into the Country through the banking system or other methods of transfer acceptable to the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran; b) Machinery and equipments; c) Tools and spares, CKD parts and raw, addable and auxiliary materials; d) Patent rights, technical know-how, trade marks and names, and specialized services; e) Transferable dividends of foreign investors; f) Other permissible items approved by the Council of Ministers. Foreign Investment: Utilization of Foreign Capital in a new or existing economic enterprise after obtaining the Investment License. Investment License: The license issued for each Foreign Investment in accordance with Article 6 of FIPPA.

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hesen Delegation in Tehran Chamber of Commerce

hesen Delegation in Tehran Chamber of Commerce

Bavaria Delegation in Tehran Chamber of Commerce

Bavaria Delegation in Tehran Chamber of Commerce